This is the version 2.0 of my map / farms, this is my version with which I play and that is also the last version.
Some objects are different, (see pictures) if you have to stand on the spot already you have either
Sell ​​things, re-buy and place where else, start a new game, or load this version, but I must say,
In my opinion, this farm is the most beautiful of all.Gras as before possibly with the Sweeper Rabaud SUPERNET 2200A eliminate.
You do not need the placable Hofsilos anymore if you bought some, you can sell them.
There are now the digital displays. The Hofsilo covers enough and is also larger,
Should be enough, but you can also save on the trains.
The bridge is also slightly different and the fields behind the bridge have changed so that you can connect and enlarge them beautifully.
The halls are higher, now all devices fit loosely pure.

Sojamilch production is no longer available, instead is installed:

Mod by: Giants Software GmbH ..
.Edit: Güllemax (FBM team), Kastor
Scripts: Marhu / kevink98
Publisher: Forbidden Mods
As shown in Fig.

Fermenter silo: Kastor, Marhu, Kevink98, Giants

As shown in Fig.
Compostmaster: Farmer_Andy

Animated heavy load rack:

Model: SanAndreas
Texture: SanAndreas
Script: Giants
Idea / concept: SanAndreas
Tester: Killabot
As shown in Fig.

Saat and Düngesilo: Kevink98 (Script), Niggles (Object Lossberg), Nils23 (Adaptations and Release)
As shown in Fig.

Digital Indicators: Blacky (Script)
Nils23 (Object)

Vport Standard: Christian Farmland technique.
As shown in Fig.

All modders a fat thank you for your work, great objects and scripts.



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