Welcome to Goldcrest Valley! It’s in need of a skilled farmer who can tend to the fields and animals.

Version (
Changed Pro Natur AG to output compost instead of manure
Added so you can sell compost at the BGA
Added sugarcane to all of the maps original sell and storage points
Added CompostMaster 2k17

Version (
Added manure/liquid manure buy points
Fixed speed on slow car

Version (
Added seed/fertilizer buy points
Added foliage, parking and light by the Pro Nature AG
Made field 34 smaller to be able to add better access to cows via farm

Version (
Moved cows closer to farm
Moved field 22

Version (
Adden fertilizer factory
Updated scripts
Added some minor things

Version (
Added gas station
Changed and moved farmsilo
Changed wooded area near the farm
Added new trafficspline and more variety of cars
removed mud mod caused lua compatibility issues

Version (
Added mud mod
Added feed mixer for cows and pigs

GIANTS Software, Gamling And additional credits for the objects/scripts i used on this map goes to: Fendtfan1, modelleicher, Blacksheep Modding, Desperados93, Dogface, kevink98, Marhu, Kastor, Dorset, t0xic0m, [email protected]=-, Bärnd, RC-Devil – BlackSheep, Hiijinx, RedSky, Holger Sengstock, Farmer_Andy, Endless Dark

DOWNLOAD – 1022.6 MB

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