Update version 2.3

Bug fixed: 1. Animal purchase and salestrigger at the dealer Corrected

2. Visit the pigs position changed

3rd shelf inserted at the cutting tools for improved storage smaller things like fork etc

Installed are: 1) gates of ARI

2) Fence and walls of ARI

3) Sawmill of Marhu

4) Flowers of Luculus

5) Fire place of Marhu

6) Possibilities of Christians Farmland Engineering

7) Lamps of Niggel-Vertex design

8) Engine room of ARI

9) Funky / FS17 / Edit XaaD shelters

10) Factory script of Marhu

11) Port of Model: Maulwurf63, PowerPeter008
Texture: Giants, mole63,
Script: Giants, Slowtide63, Maulwurf63
Idea / Concept: Maulwurf63
Tester: Powerpeter008, Slowtide63, Molecule63
Other: Giants, PowerPeter008, Slowtide63

12) Seed and fertilizer storage built-in kevink98 / Nils23

13) Seed and fertilizer production installed ElliPirelli, Script: Kevin98 and Marhu

14) Composite feed and pig feed installed By Kastor

15) Tank installed on the farm

16) Silage fermenter built in the yard By Kastor

17) New silo installed for silage because grass went through the walls Traunsteiner Silopack

By Fendtfan1 / Vertex Design

18) Village church of wollgernbauer

New 19) Lighting on automatic feeders, pig feeders, seed storage and seed production

New 20) Many buildings equipped with animated light (manual light switch) light pack by ARI

New 21) More storage possibilities installed

New 22) BioRaffinerie built-in .Bio fuel tank installed above the yard at the fuel station.

Fuellselltrigger by kevink98

BioRaffinerie Credits: Idea, Textures, Edit and all Changes: t2k-lsmodding (thoralf2002, PP);
Tech. Objects, Containers by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Building Kit2);
Fuelstation LS11: unknown; Silos LS11: unknown; Hedge
GTX Mods.
Marhu and kevink98 for the Scripts

New 23) CompostMaster installed Farmer_Andy, Script: Marhu / kevink98

New 24) BGA silos renewed Traunsteiner Silo’s Traunsteiner Silopack By Fendtfan1 / Vertex Design


DOWNLOAD Goldcrest_Valley_2_3_By_MCentpacken.rar – 1.0 GB

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