GPS 5.2V

With the well-known GPS-Mod, field-based management becomes a satellite-based precision work.

The GPS was slightly adapted to the LS17 – thanks to Eribus for it! The feature has not changed.

Tested on SP and MP (Thanks metro-tuning) – rufa, knicklenker and dog course should also work.


There has been no change in the operation. Unfortunately, there is no need to name courses.

Turning the GPS on and off is as usual with Ctrl and KP0. Left control key and 0 on numeric keypad.

The old mini-HUD has disappeared, but the key assignment for the display call remains: Ctrl (left) and KP comma.

Overall, the operation is designed to fill as few screens and keyboards as possible. For this purpose, the HUD has two phases. The small window below shows all the information you need while driving. The lower window is in place for the PDA. When the PDA is open, it moves upwards.

Pressing the Ctrl key (left) and the KP-bar again displays the control panel. If the GPS is on and the control panel is open, press and hold the left Ctrl keys to turn the mouse on. If the PDA is open, the control panel is locked. All GPS features can be called up on the control panel.

Alternatively: Operations Button
The GPS system is basically a handy keyboard. To avoid full coding of InputBinding and keyboard, only the most important keys are preset by default, and they are further subdivided into two levels. For all other functions, InputBindings are present but not used. If you want, you can assign key functions, otherwise all functions are accessible using mouse controls.

* Key level 1: Scan mode
This level is accessible by pressing the Ctrl key to the left.
Ctrl-Left / Ctrl-Right: Toggle auto-rotate direction, start auto-rotate
Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down: Set the switching distance of the reversible engine
Ctrl-W: power on / off power steering

* Key level 2: Edit the pitch
This level is accessible by pressing the left * Ctrl and * keys on the left Shift key.
Ctrl-Shift-Left / Ctrl-Shift-Right: Move the course in parallel
Ctrl-Shift-Up / Ctrl-Shift-Down: Set the course angle
Ctrl-Shift-KP_Plus / Ctrl-Shift-KP_Minus: Setting Working Width
Ctrl + Shift + PageUp / Ctrl + Shift + PageDown: Set offset
Ctrl + Shift + PageUp + PageDown at the same time: Zero shift

In the control panel, the functions are arranged by block (left to right and then top to bottom):
* Fundamentals
+ Set line type: Switch between three options: Flat lines (like GPS2.0), lines raised on overgrown fields / high grass, lines off
+ Import: Copies the pricing of the nearest vehicle
+ GPS control: passive / active
+ NEW: Start the course at current position and direction
+ Steering mode (global): For the driver of the steering wheel between us – here (required) easy control of analog controllers is switched off.

* WorkWidth
+ Increase working width
+ Lower working width
+ Automatically specify work width / offset

* Offset
+ Zero offset
+ Increase offset (right)
+ Lower indentation (left)
+ Offsets inversion
+ Rotate mode (inversion-dependent rendering direction)

* Set playground
+ Move the course parallel to the left
+ Move the course parallel to the right
+ Turn the course 90 °
+ Rotate at different angles of course to the left
+ Rotate at different angles to the right

* Save / Load
+ Enter a course from the current slot
+ Save course in current slot
+ Next slot
+ Delete current slot
+ View the current slot. The grooves are highlighted in bold.
+ Slot back

* AutoTURN
+ Number of free lines up / down
+ Increase the operating distance to the edge of the field
+ Lower the switching distance to the edge of the field
+ Automatic mode: Switches between do nothing or just display / Autostop when reaching the switching distance, ie. Cruise control off / automatic
+ Turn the automatic control to the left or turn to the left
+ Turn the automatic control to the right or start turning right

GPS automatically creates XML in the mods folder. This is only for settings that can be individually set in MP without which there are problems with it. So basically optical stories.
The file is automatically created in the Mods folder. So there’s no need for a huge installation manually.

Perhaps the most interesting setting is “HUDSize”. Here everyone can set the GPS-HUD size individually. In addition, everyone can customize their lines of color and dashes as he likes. As a further trick, the driver on the steering wheel can set the corresponding GPS mode to its default.
End Mod Description …
… And something else:

The reason I started with Modden and mainly the scripts was the desire to make half the interesting simulation from the only available platform – at the time of LS13 and later LS15. It has always been a pleasure for me to see how many small or larger hits were found in all those who did not want an arcade game but a simulation that has at least a bit of real agriculture. The result is still far from the target, but the direction seemed to be fine.
With livestock and crops, we finally have a real alternative for exactly the target group, for which I have done the mod so far. It is no secret that I was in support of this project for

Textur: Eribus Scénář: upsidedown Idee / KONZEPT: upsidedown Tester Podzemní Modifikace


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