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Version 4.1
FPS dips (hopefully) now fixed, Auto width detection gefixed, french translation added

Idea / Script: upsidedown
div. Improvements: gotchTom
Artwort: Eribus


10 thoughts on “GPS MOD V 4.1

  • Xelthire

    Hi! Just a little bit of help with the translation for the controls of this wicked GPS mod;

    1) GPS active/passive switch – ctrl+W
    2) Initialize GPS with vehicle position – ctrl+keypad Enter
    3) Mode for analog steering wheels (co-steering with active GPS)
    4) Display the GPS-lines: off, normal (flat) and pulled up
    5) GPS-settings from the nearest vehicle
    6) Mode of automatic field: Display/stop/turn
    7) Turning direction left or start turning left – ctrl+left
    8) Turning direction right or start turning right – ctrl+right
    9) Number of free rows, greater (+) or lesser (-)
    10) Offset for automatic field-stop, further away from edge – ctrl+up
    11) Offset for automatic field-stop, closer to edge – ctrl+down
    12) Turn towards left – ctrl+shift+up
    13) Turn towards right – ctrl+shift+down
    14) Move course parallel to the left – ctrl+shift+left
    15) Move course parallel to the right – ctrl+shift+right
    16) Turn the course 90°
    17) Set sideways-offset to zero ctrl+shift+PgUp+PgDn
    18) Move offset to the right – ctrl+shift+PgUp
    19) Move offset to the left – ctrl+shift+PgDn
    20) Invert offset (change side)
    21) Offset-mode for turning-plows on/off
    22) Delete current slot
    23) Display of current slot in use
    24) Select previous slot
    25) Enlarge work width – ctrl+shift+keypad +
    26) Decrease work width – ctrl+shift+keypad –
    27) Work width and offset is automatically chosen
    28) Load selected slot – ctrl+keypad /
    29) Save current course in selected slot – ctrl+keypad *
    30) Select next slot

    a: chosen work width
    b: chosen sideways offset
    c: offset-mode: normal or inverted when turning (turn-plow)
    d: displays distance to the end of field
    e: display/stop (cruise turns off)/turning (direction is shown)
    f: offset-point for endpoint (field)
    h: number of rows left on the field for automatic turning
    i: GPS active/passive

  • do you have the first picture in english?

  • scott

    Any reason that the numpad 0 or the left ctrl wouldn’t work to turn GPS on? Neither seem to work for me, but i have their hotkeys in the top left listing of keys. Any ideas?

  • Evil_Bengt

    It’s Left Ctrl + Numpad 0 not Left Ctrl or Numpad 0 😀

    • Johannes Eckert

      what to do when playing on a Mac without a numpad?

      • Ludde

        Buy a numpad with USB 🙂

  • Kasper

    Anyone know why this doesn’t work in multiplayer? It is installed in both computers.

    • yeah I’ve got the same problem, the game load and it is possible to activate the GPS mod, but in game there’s only one person who actually can drive and steer the vehicle. the other is just stucked and can’t do a thing.

      Hopefully there is a wise guy outthere who want to solve this isue cause it’s a damn nice mod/scribt

  • Gabriel

    Update Farming Simulator 2017


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