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After a long break I sign sometimes back, and in this case I would like to introduce my new placeable Map. Always wd read and I hear: Fields too big or small? Since the absence of a shed. This has hereby an end. Makes them like you they want to have.
However, the map is flatland
It is a multi-fruit Maps, in addition to the standard, there is sunflowers, oats and rye.
Clover and lucerne are also there.
So now to the map. The Map is normal size and has outlets such Agravis, Nordzucker, potato merchant, windmill, steak house (grill). Railway station. And of course should not be missing a BGA.
Partly there are already placeable outlets but I wanted to make sure that they work. Therefore, I have it dringelassen.
You can buy on this map any fields. (I’m in the mountains Moved :))
Therefore, you need all your fields herrichten themselves and invest. That means you can make it so like her wollt.Seht in the pictures as it goes with the edit fields. You can to take the Pl├╝ge, or you take this field recognition
Originally from agricultural service SHS kommt.ich had of LS13 still aufn computer and have changed it. Many thanks to the Urmodder. Have unfortunately no link found.
There are 2 large availability where you still can build farms to the MP. Or anywhere else you want to placing.
There are alone in Modhoster than 250 placeable things including what will be for you in this.

Bauer Lustig, Kuga (Tester)


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