Great River Stream Multifrucht!

version 1.2
Various fruit plan angepast in the stables.
Pallet Storage expands.
Mud holes with inserted.
Jung breeding Anlanger inserted
Beef cattle consuming angepast at slaughter
NavMesh new erstelt when Kuhstal.
OlPaletten involved at the sawmill, sugar factory, empty pallet factory, carton factory and power plant.
new fruit varieties slag to produce oil.
Building for OlPaletten herstelung.
incorporated lime works.
Zufählle added.
AGIS oats inserted.
Forest at the harbor (new Tannen).
Slurry and manure sale inserted in land trade.

Preface & Note
Please read you to only the description through before it comes to questions which are in the description already.
If you want to play the map please admits only on your Modsordner, meaning it should be no other maps in the folder to be (can lead to errors).
Then please download the mods down that are needed for this map
Yes, the AGS team has it that are still vacancies to find it on the map.
So yes only times only V1 will continue to be built.
Incidentally, the map was tested in Singelplay and on the Dedi server.
so please can not get to the Map could not play.
For very weak computer no warranty is given!
For Map
The Great River Stream is a 4-fold map. With 22 fields where at field 6,7,11 and 14 you already gehören.Alle other fields have only bought werden.Die Fields you have yet to buy, have yet to be plowed.
Added to this is still the animal farm as a Masthof.
Besides all the field work, there are lots of industries that need to be supplied with goods, but as more in the PDF file.
Small pointed to the road network, all roads therefore have guardrails Attention go at.
The barriers can in GE (GIANTS Editor) NOT take away as bask the roads are gone.
Why this ? Simply one can not in real live simply so times a guardrail away
take to drive a shortcut.
What was installed?
Mixfeeder for the cows and as for cattle and pigs.
Some scales was installed with.
Info signs.
Pallet warehouse on the logistics yard (XML for multi overlay v2 is in Modpack at)
To store the pallets, it can take up to a std until you can see what
Damage and Repairs Mod.

AGS-Team:Map,Straße und Gebäude. Mythic:Kuhstall,Rinder und Schweinestall Marhu Bluebab FSM Team ( danke für die Hilfe) mngraz Sollte ich jemand vergessen haben bitte per PM oder auf der Homepage beschied geben.


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