On the Map alongside some:
So community love after 4 months long construction time I release my now Großgarnstadt Map.
In the map a few hours work and a lot of heart put on my part, that the work pays tribute to justice and does not write in a condescending tone! The Map is a real area in Upper Franconia rebuilt near Coburg! The village could not 1: 1 copied, because not stand the necessary objects. In addition, too much performance would cost!

> A large 750KW biogas plant
> The village Großgarnstat
> Large areas
> Courtyard of the LU-Steiner
>. 2 Courtyard
> Real road network and Terrain
> Large forest areas
> Real STVO
> Corn Corn CORN

Information about the map:
> The grain can be sold to two courts!
> The dealer is located in the village!
> The cows can be fed to two courts in the stables!

Info for V1:
> The road system is completely redesigned!
> The error in the LOG are fixed!
> Sheep and chickens are added!
The map may be made only with the original download link to download! Verändertete versions of the Map may be lodged only with my permission to download!
So now I wish you much fun while playing! The Map is due to the size nothing for weaker computers! The defects affect the gameplay in any way!

Heady, Pfreek, MorphX, Fatian, DerFelix98, Desperados 93, Maurus, Johny94, Boje93, Maxter, Stefzimmermann, AGII96,
Bullgore, Johny


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