This pack is made by Nonnus the mining map modder and is for use on mining & construction economy map (if you want use on other map of course you can). If you have any complain about this mod pack please contact me.
The mods are not mine, I only make changes to work like I want, all credits is for original modders.
The changes on Ground Modification mod is only the Textures and the translation on moddesc.xml, I use the same textures I use on mining & construction economy map. The rest of files the files I don´t change.

Hou you use this pack:
– First you need extract all .zip files in to you mod folder.
– If you have other version of Ground Modification mod, you need remove from your mod folder or create conflicts. You only can use one version of Ground Modification mod at a time.
– If you have some parts on your map with textures from original Ground Modification mod, when you change for Ground Modification Mining mod the textures are looking different on your map.
– The can use all textures but is made on real life for put Asphalt on the roads.
– The can use all textures and works like a leveler.
– The don´t use Ground Modification mod, it works like a plough machine.


DOWNLOAD Ground_modification_pack_for_mining_map.rar – 138.7 MB

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