Hagen Bridge V 1.1.0

hagenbridge (1)

hagenbridge (2)

hagenbridge (3)


V 1.1.0
– removed car on the field
– grass holes filled

Marhu (WaterMod), 1984Fendt936 (food storage), Zatoxx (manure / dung sale), mario Diecke (wood chips conveyor belt), nl-modding (Weidentor), vanillaice83 (ramp)


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3 Responses

  1. eatc7402 says:

    Excellent modification of the original Westbridge map. Movement of the cows and sheep areas close the farm… brilliant. Much much more fleet storage buildings… great. The conveyer for wood chips was needed. Loading raised ramp.. good. An intelligent mod with well thought out changes that provide how it should have been done in the first place.
    I’ve got over 600 hours in the sim… good job to the map author.

  2. eatc7402 says:

    Oooops.. I discovered one new bug. There is no access in/out of the
    chicken coop! It required me to drive a tractor up next to the fence surrounding the coop and sometimes climb the tractor to into the coop. Getting back out is another difficult issue.

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