Hagenstedt Revised Map V 2.0

hagenstedt-revised-v2 (1)

hagenstedt-revised-v2 (2)

hagenstedt-revised-v2 (3)


marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil upsidedown funky chtiseb power74 andy1978


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6 Responses

  1. YamahaRider64 says:

    how does the log mechanics work on this map? i put the logs in the processor near the main farm area and it turned them into perfect 1/2s, what do i do with them? if u don’t understand what im talking about then ill gladly send screenshots

  2. Bashkim says:

    I guess they must be sold at the place where you sell logs , but tell me beofre I download this map , is it great ?

  3. Mickaël says:

    cette maps elle est bien mais a revoir au niveau du battage a animaux les porte souvre pas ensuite revoir la petite carte car rien corespond se que que indique la maps merci

  4. Mickaël says:

    et en plus de sa il a pas l’etan pour le bois quil fome les pallette de planche oule train quil savant quand on lui dit

  5. Rico says:

    how on earth do u put fuel in the generator i’ve tried over 20 mods and nothing works

  6. Rico says:

    thanks dude, appreciate it!

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