You are growing and zoom gets so little by the changes around you with. The LPG is getting smaller, it will work less and less people there.
Agriculture seems to be dying out in your area.
Again and again, farmers tried from the West but all threw in the towel.
You kammst to school, and interessiertest you also for agriculture. During the holidays, then you have always helped with the cows and pigs in the livestock industry supply.
What you did the other Remaining to learn the profession as the farmer. The apprenticeship contract was signed quickly, since it was known through the Summer, you’re hardworking, responsible and purposeful.
The applied tasks you have completed all carefully.
The Apprenticeship flew by and the final exam was before …. this course you have passed with flying colors.
Because you have made the decision to let revive the old LPG again. The still remaining villagers are enthusiastic and is there for you with help and advice.
You will benefit from the experience of the “old” and the new knowledge from your apprenticeship.
The old LPG site was revamped and repaired the old machines.
But still you had to buy new machines you to these great fields, to simulate surfaces.
As a reliable source of income, you brought the old BGA running again.
Evidence of the village population, you have the right stuff to FARMER.

Dank geht an Marhu,TLS-Team…sowie viele andere fleißige Modder (wenn jemand ein Objekt erkennt von sich bitte melden)


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