Late Easter and 6,000 LIKES on funpage celebrate gifts!
~ Patriot Equipment: Helicopter Tanks (UDIM)

Helicopter Tanks features:
– Front and Saddle tanks in pack
– Fully UDIM (PBR Textures)
– Properly defined materials (chrome screws, gloss frame, plastic parts)
– High quality Decals (stickers)
– Proper warning Stickers
– ConnectionHoses
– Remodeled frame and Tank’s covers
– Real values (mass, capacity, price – for new)
~ Fully supported with our 8R V2.0!

Model: Brent Elinburg/KMN Modding Ingame: JHHG Modding Programing: JHHG Modding UDIM (PBR textures): JHHG Modding Edit: JHHG Modding

DOWNLOAD FS19_Helicopter_Tanks.zip – 4.1 MB

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