Herberts Sosnovka Converted Default Map

Map briefly updated and minor changes.
The farmer now has his own home and the power line is no longer empty.

Please enter all mods into the mods folder and start a new savegame. From the Savegame, which has been played for some time, delete both fruit-density and paste and paste the rest into the new savegame. If the textures do not fit in already machined fields simply let the helper grubber.
1. The take-off trigger for milk and soy milk is located at the cattle trader.
2. The sawmill at the shop produces wooden pallets and loose boards (manual work is required here).
Boards and pallets are sold, where wood chips are also sold.
3. The animal menu for the sheep opens when you get out at the feed trough.
4. In the chickens, the animal menu opens and you can buy animals.
The eggs are deliberately without texture so you can find them better.
5. The animal menu for the pigs is marked.
6. Have a sales point for almost everything added + 150% at the sell-point.


DOWNLOAD Herberts_Sosnovka_Bitte_entpacken.zip – 1019.2 MB

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