Fixes/changes Ver 2.3
* BGA now accepts straw and gras.
* Gras in field 11 can now be mowed.
* Some cows froze in-game when inside the barn. Adjusted animal places to correct for this.
* Some small corrections in the moddesc.xml file
* Just replace the .zip file – savegame will not be affected.

Welcome to Higher Hills 2015!

This is a UK style map from an undisclosed location. Bigman released this map for FS 11 and hameland have converted it and done some changes and additions to the map.

The map has 2 farms. The cow and grain yard in the bottom of the valley and an old sheep barn at the top of the hill.
4 years has gone by since we last saw the farm and the cow bar has been demolized and replaced with a brand new one, this time ready for MixFeeder and a new cow zone.
Some trees has also grown and a sawmill has been build, ready to swallow some timber.

The terrain is challenging and some tasks will need a heavy and powerful tractor. So keep the Same unless you can enough money to buy a better one… And, keep the NH 4.75! It’s the only original tractor able to get into the building where the cow manure is placed. Unless you have a smaller loader tractor, or use a telehandler that is…

Changes from FS11
* Original terrain, field design and buildings kept (house at main farm replaced).
* Triggers upgraded to Fs15.
* Sawmill added.
* New barn with MixFeeder replaced the original barn and cow mesh added.
* Forrest added.
* Sheep mesh added and sheep area slighly altered and extended.
* Chopped straw added.
* Watermod added.
* GuelleMistmod added (Tank closest to the gastank holds kalk\lime, the other holds fertilizer.)
* Soilmod added.
* ‘Husbandry’ script added to be able to adjust productionlevels. Optimized for 200 animals (edit husbandry.lua to adjust).
* ‘Search script’ added to check if you lack the additional files for full functionality.
(If some files are missing, this will show up in the log with the links to get the mods. It will also show a dialog box when the map is loaded saying “one or more mods are missing”. That is NOT a game error, just information!)

Fixes/changes Ver 2.3
* BGA now accepts straw and gras.
* Gras in field 11 can now be mowed.
* Some cows froze in-game when inside the barn. Adjusted animal places to correct for this.
* Some small corrections in the moddesc.xml file

Sheep farm
Located at the top of the hills where the NH 4.75 is parked. Small and old buildings so make sure to keep the NH 4.75, it’s the only loader tractor able to get into
some areas. A nice and large area for the sheeps to stay outside. Water for Watermod can be collected from the fountain by the dam inside sheep area.
There is a gras heap next by the feeding through for temporarily storage, use a shovel to put it into the through upon need.
Cow manure is within the building where the NH 4.75 is parked upon first start of the map (placed here to simulate fry manure from the sheeps).
Woolpallet is placed inside one of the buildings, next by the old diesel tank. Wool can be sold at Earnvale.

] Cow farm
The cow farm have undergone some changes for the past 4 years. The old cow barn has been demobilized and replaced with a brand new cow barn.
The barn can be used as is with all normal triggers intact, or you can extend it with the MixFeeder option (will cost you 120.000 £).
The farm also has storage for grain and a multi-eating BGA.

Cows do want some water and that can be filled in the old trailer by the cow area. Water can be picked up inside the sheep area.
Cows also want some freshly cut grass. That can be filled in the through next to the liquid manure fill point.
Manure from the cows have been placed at the sheep farm to simulate dry manure from the sheeps (FS15 sheeps only produce wool for some reason…)

Fill point for seeds and fertilizer inside the shed. The fertilizer tank furthest away from the gastank contains fertilizer, the one closest have kalk (lime).
The Soilmod version only has one fertilizer tank. Change filltype according to instructions for the Soilmod mod itself.

Implementation of a new MixFeeder will set up back 120.000 £, so make sure your budget can handle this before jumping in.
The point of the MixFeeder is to be able to mix the forage using silage, straw and gras. The feeder will then feed the cows by itself 2 times a day as long as the bunkers have the minimum volume of each kind.
You can fill the bunkers yourself using a shovel or fill directly from a loader wagon, trailer or dump bales into the bunker. Or have a contractor fill the bunkers for you, at a heavy price.
While on-feet, you can open a separate PDA for the MixFeeder. This will enable you to control the entire process and also see the cameras monitoring the feeder and cows.
Normal input bindings for the PDA is holding ‘CTRL’ + ‘M’ + ‘F’.

Implementation of the MixFeeder is simple, just walk of to one of the spinning icons by the barn and follow the on-screen instructions.
The MixFeeder can NOT be demobilized after implementation. But you can still use the normal triggers within the barn to manually feed the cows.

If you have never used this mod -> Carefully read the instructions for the mod itself, separate download link given below.

The farm BGA
There is a small BGA next to the silagesilos. The process and purpose of the BGA is simple, feed the BGA and it will produce liquid manure in return and also give you some money.
The BGA will accept, and pay you accordingly (!), for the following fruits and products:
– Bales of any kind (Note: NO liquid manure produced, only money in return).
– Silage.
– Wheat and Barley windrow.

Earnvale & Sawmill
Earnvale tractors is the main shop for the area. This is where you can buy new equipment, or sell equipment and get a 25 % higher price when equipment placed within the sell marked area.
Earnvale also is the main receiver for grain, potato and sugarbeet. They will also buy your eggs and wool from the sheeps. The BGA at the farm loves bales so Earnvale will not buy them.

There are however some products that Earnvale will not buy from, or sell to, you. The sawmill will handle everything related to the forrest, including buying timber logs and woodchips.
The sawmill is also the place to go to buy new trees if you want to build a new forrest by yourself, or replant the trees you have cut down.

2 different versions of the map
The map is made ready for both GulleMistmod and Soilmod.
These extensions do not work properly together so there are 2 different zip files of the map.
The main zip file MUST THEREFORE BE UNZIPPED before one or both .zip files are put into the mods folder!
– Higher_Hills_2015.zip : This is GulleMistmod ready.
– Higher_Hills_2015_Soilmod.zip : This is Soilmod ready.

Original Author FS11 – Bigman (This version is released with his permission!) Convert to FS15 and edit – hameland (fs-uk.com profile) Tester: JH14 from fs-uk team (big thank you for feedbacks, comments and video!) BGA – Picked from the map Wildcreek Valley by K und S Modding (https://www.modhoster.com/mods/wildbach-tal–8) Chopped Straw – Drescher Watermod – Marhu GuelleMistmod – Marhu and Geneborg (textures) Giants for stuff from original map SoilMod – FMC Search script – Bluebay210 (www.ls-portal.com) Husbandry sript – Bassadict MixFeeder Bunker: SoftFOX, BigM Mixing station: m4pj3cts Stall: Timber Rails: BigM, Xentro Feeder: manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM Script: Bluebaby210 From the FS11 version: Buildings – LS-UK Modteam Roads by Russ Freelance Modding Crew Gates Earn Dale Store – Andrew Stanford Yard Pack – Deutz Fahr UK & MF6160 Speedcamera – Willjsavage Old Yard – FMC, Slartibartfast, Road Closed – Matt390t Old Cottage – Griffy

DOWNLOAD UNZIP_ME_HIGHER_HILLS_2015_Ver_2_3.zip – 280.9 MB

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