Welcome to Higher Hills 2017 (ver 2.0)!

This version has a lot of changes compared to the previous released version!
The sheep area and shop have been completely changed. There are also new sheds on the main farm!

It might be wise to start a new savegame for this version.
However this TUT can be given a shout if you want to transfer over your existing savegame: http://fs-uk.com/forum/index.php?topic=190006.0

Changelog from version 1.0 to 2.0
* Issues from testreport fixed.
* Major changes to Earnvale shop, main yard and sheep yard. New buildings and rearranged stuff (big thanks to ccs101!).
* New textures all over the map (ccs101).
* New environment settings (ccs101).
* Tunnel added for reaching the outside of the valley.
* Some other smaller adjustments made.

General information
* Chopped Straw ready
* PDA icons disabled for animal areas and most selling points. This due to being a small map and not wanting the icons to cludder the PDA.

Storage & Sell points
* Farm silo accepts (for temp storage) all fruits.
* Rootcrops (or straw) can be tipped in either of the green farm sheds (have tip collisions)
* BGA at farm is selling point for silage, manure, liquid manure. Liquid manure is also produced as output.
* Earnvale is the main selling point for all fruits, eggs and wool.
* Sawmill is the selling point for logs.
* Power station by the sawmill is sell point for woodchips, bales and windrow_storage.

* Animal can be bought at Earnvale inside the drive through barn.
* Pig trigger is where the small trailer is placed upon first load.
* Sheep trigger is behind the sheep shed.
* Cow trigger is just outside the door where straw trigger is.
* Manure heap for cow is placed inside the cow barn, close to the milk robot. Straw trigger is also placed there.

Missions is NOT enabled in this map due to the odd shape of the fields. As an replacement for missing missions, 3 wind energy converters are placed in the map on startup. They generate a hourly income. The previous farmer was very skilled and made good money, so he left you with a generous machine park.

Original Author FS11 – Bigman (His permission was secured for the FS15 version!) Convert to FS15 & FS17 and edit – hameland & ccs101 (fs17) Testing and feedback: JH14 & ccs101 Environment settings: ccs101 2015 Bjornland Building textures: ccs101 Sheep race kit: FarmFarm Grainsilos and Sheds from Shedpack by teccer. Main Farm Shed: Dorset Animated Gates: Dorset Giants for stuff from original maps Textures: Crop – ForgottenPlants series by EriBus, tree (ccs101 & son) From the FS11 version: Roads by Russ Freelance Modding Crew Gates Yard Pack – Deutz Fahr UK & MF6160 Speedcamera – Willjsavage Old Yard – FMC, Slartibartfast, Road Closed – Matt390t

DOWNLOAD Higher_Hills_2017_Ver2.zip – 454.9 MB

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