Here we have my first ever edit. I have never touched a computer until a year ago.
I have taught myself by watching you tube for advise and tips by all you great modders.
So i present to you Hillside farm. This is an English type farm set in the county of Wiltshire. Very detailed map i have added extra dirt,texture and animal splines.
There are 30 fields you will start with 3 ranging in diffrent sizes. There are 4 farms on map with sell points and many extras.
Main farm cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. Farm 2 horses.
Farm 3 sheep. Farm 4 cows. 3 woodland areas 1 which is very large.
Small BGA plant. Dirt mod. Lots of extra new foliage.
Error free log.
I do NOT give permission for this map to be edited and re-uploaded any where.
Feel free to edit for personal use.
Error fixes = Cows frezing on navmesh fixed couple of lumps in feilds
fixed Textures on couple of objects hopefully fixed they are showing in colour on my pc can you let me know if anything is still white.

To anyone who see’s any of their mods

DOWNLOAD HillSideFarm.zip – 687.5 MB

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