Site map in English in Wiltshire.

A very detailed map with added additional foliage, textures and landscapes.
Additional splines for animals.
Work gates, doors and lighting.
In this version 2 now there are 3 farms.
The original hill with cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.
Now we have a farm in Newlands, in which there are cows, pigs, silos, a silage pit, etc.
Now only 40 fields, and you start with 7 scattered on the map.
Currently, 3 usable meadows have also been added with a good flat concrete pad for placement.
The mask of seasons is added, so now the seasons are ready.
The area of ​​forests from 3 to 4 districts has been increased.
A lot of points of sale.
Small factory BGA.
The market of cattle breeders.
Large mechanical shop.
Mill and point of sale.
Fuel refinery and the point of sale of fuel.
A universal Kottel mod is necessary for an oil refinery.

Realisim modding, Mappers paradise, Eigenbau, Team wild, Vonarii, Dorset, Lebaronxz. Robbie rw modding, Doc spock, Cbj Midwest modding, Desperados, Nkb modding, Ndl farmers, Lizard, Auwgl, Modding mania, Blacksheep modding, Shywizard, gnftr04 fs-uk

DOWNLOAD FS17_HillsideFarm.zip – 733.2 MB

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