HLF 20/16 Gimaex v 0.4.1


a big thanks goes to the FF Hillerse for permission to use the Coat of Arms
Proliferation and remodeling without permission
Error message and support only in the Komis
We are working on a translation from French to German
Built by a French member of our teams (Hansi [SHI])

Modell: Schönenhof inc. Moddingteam
Textur: Schönenhof inc. Moddingteam
Script: Schönenhof inc. Moddingteam
Idee / Konzept: Schönenhof inc. Moddingteam
Tester: Merlin (SHI)
Besonderer Dank: FF Hillerse

DOWNLOAD aaaSHI_HLF_20_16_Gimaex.zip – 23.7 MB

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