Update from: 19.04.2018
Now it’s that time again, here is the last big update for the LS17 of the Hof Bergmann Map, the new features can be found below in the changelog.
As a surprise, a day ahead of schedule.

– Seasons Ready
– ChoppedStraw Ready
– Dynamic Manure Pants Ready

It is absolutely necessary the patch 1.5.1 otherwise the map will not be displayed. And it is advisable to start a new game.

The map has now been updated and it has changed a trifle on the scripts. All those who have downloaded this map and the addon today 10:12:17 before 20: 30h can leave everything as it is, you do not necessarily have to reload considering but in the MP the same mods must be present.

Map Creator/Modder: Farmer Andy Scripters: Ifkonator, GTX(Andy), Kevink98, BlackyBPG RC-Devil and Marhu Voices: Saleswoman by Snookie Snu Butcher by BG-Werner Forgotten Plants Textures: by Eribus Promotion Videos: Snookie Snu Exit-LP Burning-Gamers

DOWNLOAD FS17_HofBergmann_Reloaded.zip – 943.8 MB

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