Map of Hof Bergmann in Russian (translation) FS 17. It is based on Crest Valley Gold, but as in FS15 has already been completely redesigned. The terrain on this map is fictional and completely my imagination. On this map you will find countless tasks in agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. I again came up with a new one, but I already knew I could write a long text, but you’ll see everything on the map yourself.

On the map:
– large yard
– animals directly on the farm
– set of points
– own exclusive building
– Apple orchard
– PDA with own icons
– ChoppedStraw is installed (optional, ChoppedStraw mod should be)
– based on FabrikScript (SeedMaster, FermentingMaster, CompostMaster, GrainMaster, pigFoodStar, BGA, G├╝lle Separator, ButterMaker, Heutrockner)
– BGA produces biogas
– various side tasks
– natural fields
– Purchased meadows
Pigs produce pigs that can be sold
– Two pastures for cows, one of them receives milk in containers, picked up in pasture
– Chickens on the farm produce eggs in cardboard boxes (requires grain and water)
– a huge storehouse of manure
– straw for loose straw (barn)
– water storage
– thoughtful initial transport
– mill
– village
– calcareous quarry and much more


DOWNLOAD FS17_HofBergmann.zip – 732.5 MB

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