Holzhausen Map V 1.1.0

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version 1.1.0
Bugfixes: – added high seat Colli – Car park is no longer in the red house – hall when a machinery dealer hovers at a corner (Terrain adjusted) – Lanterns have now Collies – deckle added – small error in the tree texture eliminated – corrected field definitions to section 16 – Verkehrssplines in the height corrected – Vekerhr at the drinks Werner intersection revised -. Load Places moved behind the machine hall – Sawmill sale trigger Simplified (without scripts documentary is the required script unfortunately not visible) – clip Distances from BGA silo adapted – added fountain Münztrigger – Potato layer is now displayed correctly – faulty Tree shapes (Ashland, sprucetree) replaced – Many visual and technical trifles corrected New: – manure, manure, Kalkmod Vorbeireitung – MapBuyableObjects installed – Forest pieces must be leased – New Door icons for various types of doors – Matching sounds for the verse. Doors – New grass, wheat and barley texture – feed with the blade in the barn – more decorative foliage Layer – Preparing for our Kaweco manure spreader

Giants; Niggels: Strassentexturen, Dekolayertexturen;
Vertexdezign (Katsuo, steffen30Muc, Buschi, Xentro): Maschinenhallen, Getreidehalle, Silo (BGA), Mistrampe, MapDoorTrigger, Fachwerlscheune, Coveyorskript, MultiSiloEffects, LiquidManureFillTriggerExtension, HolzhausenExtension;
Katsuo: Palette, Strassentexturen;
Steffen30Muc: Kalk und Düngerlager, Ballenhalle;
B34STx: Objectspack, Zaunpack;
Buschi: Gitterbox, Wildzaun;
mailman: Rampe, 4er Unterstand;
The_Green_Flash: Bullenstall;
Baue3rR: Tor (Weide);
JauchenPaule: Werkstatteinrichtung, SpareParts, Gasverteilstation, Schweißgerät, Kompressor;
GE-Mapping: Maschendrahtzaun;
FSmodding: Kartoffelkisten;
NKB-Modding: Fermenter;
Modding Welt, martinbigM500: Getreidehandel Roth, Pfosten umklappbar;
Moppel: Claas GPS;
Nick98.1: Schilderset;
Ls-Landtechnik: Leitplankenset;
Fatian: Strassenset;
bluebaby210: MapBuyableObjects, SearchModsScript;
eribus: Forgotten Plants Texturen für Kartoffeln, Mais, Raps, Weizen, Gerste

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