The Homemade balefork is a small self designed bale fork at a price of €541, it is something that can’t be missed on the farm.
Color can be choosen afterwards the balefork is bought.
With the ManualHydrolics script, and bale attach script it i an easy to use balefork.
We want to thank everyone for the scripts that helped us create this mod. And we hope people will enjoy using it.
You’re not allowed to re-upload my mod without using my download link.
Sie sind nicht ohne meine Download-Link erlaubt mein mod auf ein anders seite hoch zu laden.

Model: Inter Fan Texture: Inter Fan & JantjeTennis Ingame: JantjeTennis Script: Raftnix, Stefan Maurus & Geri-G Idea / Concept: Inter Fan Testing: Dutch Modding Inc.

DOWNLOAD Balefork_Inter_Fan.zip – 927 KB

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