This modified version of the horsch pronto seeder is identical to the giants version, with a close exception: the modified version creates lines of spraying. Do you want fs19 to be as realistic as possible? So this mod is for you. (we think it will be convenient when the 19 season will be over)

To Activate / disable the lines of staking touch left ctrl + y.

However, it takes a little planning to make the lines of staking match the width of work of your sprayer. With this horsch, you can try to lay spray lines every three or four rows.

Here are some essential facts about this great mod farming simulator 19:
Brand: Horsch.
Credits: Giants Software, michaelbjerg21978.
Category: Seeders.
Basic Price: 104 000.
Working Speed: 18 km / H | 11 mph.
Width of work: 9 meters.
Capacity: 5 000 litres (3 litres of seeds, 2 000 litres of fertilizer. )
Power Required: 270 HP.
Selectable Colors: No.
Selectable Wheels: No.
Mistakes: none we can see.

La Ferme Egriselloise

DOWNLOAD FS19_Pronto_9_DC_DRL.zip – 7.4 MB

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