HTZ 243K AND 280T V3.1.0

Adjusted the physics and increased the deformation of the tires, when parking on the field no longer unfolds, added the choice of caterpillars, when buying caterpillars, tractor stickers are put on, and footrests are changed, caterpillars are made on a real tractor.

KhTZ-243K engine selection, speed \ kvt (hp) dvs 241, 40 \ 154 (210) service 127, dvs 242, 45 \ 177 (240) service 149 dvs 243, 50 \ 184 (250) service 166, The choice of the main color and discs, two types of tires, animated: footrests, left door, passenger’s seat, fan, bonnet. Traces, dust from under the wheels. Lighting engineering. Deformation of tires. Working mirrors. Replaced textures. The price is 70000 Log is clean.

T-150, dimaks, dimon62Rus, Evgen333


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