Iberian Southland Map V 1.0

iberian-southland (1)

iberian-southland (2)

iberian-southland (3)


Version 1.0
Changed grass textures (crop and land). | After selling point for solid and liquid manure. | Added digital markers for all storable. | Fixed problem with indicators of lime and hops. | Added combine TC5.90 MT. | Combine relocated, comb, hurliman, Brantner and counterweight. | Has been added roost (raising chickens) increases to 408 mb map. | Added weeds (multisprayer). | The angles of the land, concerning the lines making the worker have been restored. | Fixed problems with the boundaries of the fields, some gave error “this field is not yours” in certain areas. | Solved problem loading limestone completely fills all trailers to accept this type of load. | Added oats and rye straw to the point of sale at the farm. Icon Roost Map. | Adjusted selling cattle prices. |

Modell, Desing, Modified Vehicles, Tested: Vanquish081

Textures: Google, cgtextures.
SeedMaster2k15, Michsattion v3, watermod,fermentingsilo – Marhu
Schweine und Rindermast – Mannie313
Lamb1 – jojo800
GuelleMistKalk – Mannie313
Gülle Lager Mod – Farmer_Andy
SiloKalk – Danny681
Medianera – Germany Community Group / martinbigM500
Puente Tubo – Pisty
Tienda Vehículos – Pisty
Pared Piedra – Pisty
DistanceHills – Mailman (ModsWatend)
medstreet_o, greekHouse – EpicPrydaMods
Blockhaus – möchtegernbauer
High Watchtower – Hawkeye
Das LS-Landtechnik Team!
Edificios – ysup12
ARC – 170 – Jetstorm_477
Inland – Himmi
Fruit Textures – Eribus, LwFarming, brzeziol, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227, mor2000.
MultiFruitUtil – mor2000
Entertainment – J seba
Deljanka – Myjaki
Montantes – TracMax & Inmanuel
Señales – Nick98_1
wasserabnahme2 – Mostwanted
ZuckerfabrikVLS13 – Schwedenkopf
Script Rolltor, opentrigger & door Sektionaltor, fabric beer – Blacky_BPG
fabric beer and cement – Pleasant Valley Mods
Grain Bin Pack – ThompsonM06
wohnblock – admin
Graffitis – dafont.com, Vanquish081
Animation Map Trigger – Xentro – vertexDezign.net
Pogruzka – Vorota, Alexx79, VAHA
Dekalb SeedCompany – MBJ, Süsswassermatrose (for quarry by vanquish081)


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2 Responses

  1. Jairo says:

    Gran mapa amigo!! Tu si que sabes con los vehiculos correspondientes para su cosecha, no como otros que te tienes que buscar la vida por hayy!! Lo probare a fondo y te comentare si hay algun error, la duda es para transportar el cordero, por lo demas no he visto nada mas, gracias tio gran trabajo

  2. mikhael says:

    i cant open the gates pf pig and cattles. i have animation map trigger. alsa pigs and cattles doesnt show in info page. can you help me pls. sorry for bad english.

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