This mod pack contains the tugs which can be grouped under the D-family.
Altogether there are 8 detailed tractors whose functions are essentially the same.

The following tractors are included in the pack:
IHC 1255XL
IHC 1455XL
CaseIH 1255XL (transitional design)
CaseIH 1455XL (transitional design)
CaseIH 1255XL
CaseIH 1455XL
CaseIH 1255XL
CaseIH 1455XL

Interactive control
pronounced shop configurations
Animated interior (only with Gearbox Addon)
Details through different scripts realized

Shop configurations
Attacher configuration
Frontloader configuration
Motor configuration
Wheel configuration
Lighting configuration
Drive configuration
Air filter configuration

Modding Welt Team schlueterfan1977 Oylerhenry

DOWNLOAD IHC_CaseIH_DFamilie.zip – 66.4 MB

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