Welcome back the beautiful
Also this map is again based on the standard map
from the agricultural Simulator 2011th
Now, however, the central road was again
built after the original from 2011 and not
as in the 2013 version just above the mountain away.
Thereby the Haubthof was back to the old
Location can be transferred back. As a trader, I have the
installed 2013er since me the current so not like.
Furthermore the WasserMod of Marhu was installed.

The sales opportunities are:
-Railway station
-Landhandel Billinger

On the map, there are 19 small and large fields of which
already 3 boxes in your possession are.
Then there are several lawns to mow, of which
the largest on the PDA map with a W
Marked are.

The “AnimationMapTrigger” must be with the modfolder,
otherwise the doors can not be opened on the Haubthof.
Since I can not offer with the mod,
here is the link to the mod:

Even the games update should be 1.4.2 installed because the Map
is not capable of running with an older version may.

The file is an .exe file. Just click, enter the path for the unpacking and click Unzip.

Bauer Bio

DOWNLOAD IHvl15_Drauf_klicken.rar – 429.4 MB

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