Income Mod Real V Multi Mod for Farming Simulator 17
Hey guys,
I sat down again and got the yield Mod Multi Created
The Mod please do not unpack … just in modfolder and is good …
Attention income can also be changed on request if it is not itself can then please contact us through this support .
Anyone who wants to have more income from the individual fruits or less seed is consumed,
The mod is there the income of the individual friend to increase revenues, Say who you to the income from maize to low is can you increase the yield with this mod in which their entry to at desc.literPerSqm = 2; the number by which ersezt your opinion to yield to a value set is ok for you.
The whole can therefore records her at all make for wheat, Gertse, rape, potatoes and sugar beets, sunflowers soy onions carrots etc.

Modell: Fendt939Micha
Textur: Fendt939Micha
Script: Fendt939Micha
Idee / Konzept: Fendt939Micha
Tester: Fendt939Micha
Sonstige: Fendt939Micha


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