Hello and welcome to the next
Edition of :
“Beta_2_Version” “Beta_2_Version”
Today I want to introduce my Mod_Pack_Beta_2 and
share with you, if you like …. 🙂
so what happened:
The farm, which Kuhzone and sheep zone were
umgestalltet, there have been added,
purchasable land and a large
Area for placeable objects,
Storm damage ect. (The self-drive track
with Güterbahnhof unfortunately is not finished yet, is still restricted) ….. 🙂
In the “IRG78_Ingo210578_Map_Pack_Beta_2” are 2 cards
this means :
must be unpacked !!!!
What is the difference between the two maps?

Answer: – the “IRG78_Ingo210578_Map_mit_DDR_Lok” with locomotives from Ostalgie_Zeit (DDR)
for Ostalgie_Fans among us ….;)
– The “IRG78_Ingo210578_Map_mit_Giants_Lok” is with the locomotives of Giants (original)
equipped For those who are not so on ostalgische things …. 🙂

What to consider:
If you sell your goods at the trains, you have to be careful,
these are the trains there, otherwise you can not unload and sell!
Conclusion: !! If train there, then cash …. 🙂 !! with manual sales!
But her -if playing with Play Course, then it does not matter whether the train is …;)
“COURSE PLAY” does it matter …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

map, there is a Beta_Version_2 basierent on Westbridge Hills
There are cows, sheep, chickens and the standard fruits built by Giants (will also be no more fruit, because the map is to remain playable even without Mod’s), since the map is to remain Suitable for everyone to play, because the LS_15 “friends, freaks , Suchtis and whatever, “are represented, with or without mods …. in different age groups 🙂
BGA: – ramp to fill the Silomats (buy silage and Chaff on)
Hof: – a radical definitions and Überschusssilo built
Train: -Train added and umgestalltet
Kuhzone: -Futterlager built with Standarthofsilo to store and retrieve

What’s New:
-Hackschnitzelsverkauf With train has come to
-Holzverkauf_Zug Came about
-and a small matching forest, for the train …. 🙂
-BGA Was hinzugedügt a ramp
-on- And Auslagerungssilo for foods, added with the cows …..
added -Restesilo at court
PDA: -Orginal_Giants_Sägewerk is on Mini_Map (enlarge with button 9) now displayed graphically
-Stroh And Heuverkauf is in Mini_Map (enlarge with button 9) now appears
So that’s it from me first, have fun with the pack
If I have forgotten something, tell the rest of the pictures …. 🙂
Log.txt is error free
Senseless comments will be deleted and reported insults.
It can write each his opinion, which serve to improve the Mod’s and not to the people of
long while, on Trapp to halten.Bitte only Meaningful comments from you can help ….;)
“Beta_2_Version” “Beta_2_Version”
There are no further Mod’s hand, everything is playable on standard …. (without Mod’s) …. 🙂

Map_Pack was:
-Notepad ++

IRG78, Ingo210578, Giants

DOWNLOAD IRG78_Ingo210578_Map_Pack_Beta_2_muss_entpackt_wer… – 400.8 MB

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