JCB 8310 V 4.0


Full lighting
Animated parts
IC Control

jhoracio euroDZN, 96Razer96, Dracko


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6 Responses

  1. wmkgamer says:

    esste trator é bom pára puxar cargas pesadas e se vc tem um mapa com atoleiro é mais bom ainda para desatolar tratores… [f] [Y] wmk gamer

  2. hondarghini says:


  3. serge says:

    Hello, the vehicle bug when we wash it. thank for your mod

  4. manitou says:

    serge, this mod does’t washable. It’s only dirt texture. Wait for v5 or higher

  5. serge says:

    Ok, thank for your reponse

  6. Hans says:

    The file still poits to V3 and not V4 as suggested

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