John Ddeere 6170R + Front Loader (Washable)


– Ploughing Spec v2 [key F7]
– New skin, new dirt skin
– New wheel
– Washable
– Hand animation
– Indoor sound
– Moving axle
– Front Loader Console on the button [key 7]
– Twin Wheels [key m and n]
– Moveable rear attacher [key 5 and key 6]
– Full lighting
– WARNING SIGN(from twin wheels) on the button [Key R]
– Opening doors and rear window with ic buttons
– Dynamic Exhausting System v3
– Manual Ignition [Key Y]
– Animated Hydraulic
– Wheel Particle Spec
– Moving Interior Parts
– FrontLoader QuickeQ88
– JD weight
– Scale 1:1
– And more!



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3 Responses

  1. Rabe22 says:

    Is for LS2013 not for LS2015!!!

  2. isak brännkärr says:

    change it to ls 2015. it dosent works because its for 2013

  3. isak brännkärr says:

    where can i find than manure wagon it looks nice

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