JOHN DEERE 748H LS 2015 V1.0



The 748H has more power to be switched bare twin tires and chains, a height adjustable stem trap (rear plate), a powerful double crane and of course a larger Rückezange.Dazu come to switchable strobes and 2 more lights, front right and left.
Unfortunately, this version is no functioning winch me it is not possible without a good scripter and scripts Doku a reasonable winch into play to implement. The solution to the floating position may not be the perfect solution but is within my means a very good alternative.
To control the floating position: The clamp has 2 green marks which must use the floating position works optimally, this is it, then not one millimeter to be in accordance with it;) The two have markings, mark the points where the pliers begins to rotate , The 180 degree range in between is the area in which the forceps can move freely rotate. Now if you want to move the pliers in one direction it is considered that both mouse buttons and move the mouse as long rotated in either direction until the wrench, then bringing the two green markers back into conformity. The two have markings serve as a guide only to realize in time when the pliers starts to rotate.
Function of the forceps / information:
It is not possible for me to increase the force of the clamp at the moment, one should not forget that this is only a Simulated physics and not real mechanical operations. The collisions of the Giants Engine are not designed to pull collisions but to raise.
Since I’m building a next project Welte combination machine of John Deere is once completed. For Welte I will in due course to the WIP area to create a project where there to collect you free information is available.

Sven777b Scripts
Lösungsvorschlag Schwimmstellung Zange Mistiger Schuh


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2 Responses

  1. TractorMan123 says:

    love this mod! a great addition to my JD fleet 😀

  2. Petes says:

    I couldn’t get the mod extracted to be in my mods folder. Any suggestions?

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