JOHN DEERE 7810&7710


– Partial Washable
– Frontladerkonsole (IC via hidden)
– Additional lighting on the protection front loader
– Door (door from the outside), open window (IC)
– Ability to switch between terminals (purely visual) (IC)
– Second Rundumleuchte for growing (IC)
– The growth of the seed tube – front lift fold (IC)
– Warning signs illuminated growth (IC)
– Marker lights on the rear fenders – tire tracks
– Realistic lighting (casts shadows); Retrofitted headlights!
– Interior lighting when not connected headlights
– Control Panel Attacher
– Guttural sound
– Indoor sound depending on the Open Doors / Windows
– Wheel weights for cultivation (700 kg)

Modell: Sotillo Modding Industries; Nefarius Textur: Sotillo Modding Industries; Nefarius Script: unbekannte; Modeleicher; BM-Modding; Nefarius Idee / Konzept: Nefarius Konvertierung: Nefarius Tester: Friedli88, Nefarius Reifen: Bauer Hinnmark Sonstige: Sounds unbekannt?!


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