John Deere 8370R v 2.0 (Ploughing Spec)


– Ploughing Spec
– Fixed a few bugs with version v1 JD 8370R
– Opening door and rear window [on Panel IC]
– New skin
– New Tires
– Folding front arm [on Panel IC]
– Animated steering
– Twin Wheels no the button[Key M and M]
– Animated fenders
– Tire Traces
– Mirrors
– Moveable rear attacher
– Hands animation
– WARNING SIGN(from twin wheels) on the button [Key R]
– Animated Hydraulic
– Full lighting
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Wheel Particle
– SpeedDisplayControl
– RPMDisplayControl
– Log is clean

MF390, PsychoLike,VMV Modding,SamN,JDFan,roller90


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2 Responses

  1. Zigzaga says:

    Sorry guys, what is a panel IC ???

  2. Herby says:

    Very good mod, had the MF7622 struggle to reverse with a half load of silage, got the JD8430 round, no problem. Would like a version were the rear wheels without the weights inside the rim and the surface flat please.

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