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~ John Deere 8R 2018 US Series V3.0

8R V3.0 features:
– True working ILS (Independent Link Suspension)
– MouseControl for Main Frame high (like in fs17)
– Real wheels Configurations (20 Michelin 30’in Row Crop, 20 Firestone 30’in Row Crop and 17 Trelleborg 36’in Row Crop + 4 Goodyear Floaters)
– 3 Starfire Configurations (NO / 3000 / 6000)
– 6 Weights and OVERSIZE Configurations
– All USA motor Configurations
– 3 Stickers/LOGO Configurations
– 3 US QucikHitch/Standard 3 PointHitch Configurations
– Warning Triangle Configurations
– 4 Fender Configurations
– Our Turning ON animations with separate realLights
– Rims made on $data paths with proper materials
– UDIM on extra Lights and Flashers (defined plastic)
– New UDIM on US hubs with proper material define (chrome screws and gloss color)
– Cb Radio with emissive
– Realistic physic, motor scale and breaks
– attacherJoints for all Tanks and equipment (Rollers, Saddle Tanks etc)
– Flashers will work only when they are unfolded (Blinkers)
– All correct US blinkers and flashers
– Foldable Flashers
– All HD quality Decals
– All proper US decals and Warning stickers (included interior)
– Better emissive effects in cab
– Proper Cab Blinkers (US version)
– Fixed all Dashboard Animations
– True 30 & 36 Row Crop wheels
– Real values (xml)
– LOGO/Stickers options
– New Sounds
– Better lights emissive effects
– Fixed interior dahsboard decals
– Fixed foliageBiding
– Error Free
~ Fully supported with our Helicopter Tanks!

Model: Giants UDIM (PBR Textures): Giants, JHHG Modding US Parts and Firestone/Goodyear tires: Custom Modding Edit: JHHG Modding Programing and Scripting: JHHG Modding


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