These were not made by scratch from me. These are edited from a public release or converted by myself from FS15. The link will take you to the folder for this pack. Everything is by its self so you may pick and choose what you want to have if anything. The headers are all tuned for this combine and to work with its header float. I will not guarantee these headers will work with other combines. What being released:

S680 Combine – had standard, ATI tracks, and Dual wheel options. 2 Motor configurations. The difference between the two is road travel speed. This was the version I had from the beginning and now heavily edited to make it a final version.

Header Cart – Converted from FS15. Will haul the headers and has the dynamic locking script. Drop the header on and away you go. Header will fall off if you are off road through the mountains.

Grain Heads 640FD & 645FD – 640FD came from another mod that I exported out to make it a stand alone mod. 645FD converted from FS15. The scale has been matched to take 18, 30 inch row spacing = 45 feet.

Corn Heads 612C & 616C – Converted from FS15 with special thanks to SeriousMods for sending me them for this pack. They have been scaled to match the in game corn rows. All animations work and the auger has a wee bit of wobble yet but its close enough for me.

Everything has been fully tested single player & multiplayer. Once again I do not wish to take any credit for this as all I did was edit and convert these mods. I simply wanted to put an American harvest pack together. Enjoy & Happy Farming.

See moddesc.xml files


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