Here is the 5M serie of john deere in its (final version official DTS_Modding) which should have called in fact the version 3.0 but because of several abrutit the data to totally change!
The fact that a (enculer) recently amused to post a version 3.0 without my agreement, and the fact of seeing that on other website the administrators are allowed to appropriate the mod I created And then proposed without even contact me before then this sound allowed to publish it under another pseudo without even sited mine! Its my really disgusted !!! It was from there, that I had decided never to share anything again with the comunity farming simulator.
But good after several months, the rage that was in me is totally gone … so that’s why I come back to you today with this new and latest version coming from me in all alias cases (DTS_Modding ).
You will find on this last version a lot of new thing bring to the model part contribution to the version 2.0 that I had to post on mod-hub uniqument.
I decided to shorten the versions of improvement by proposing this final version which could have gone even further if the fear of seeing it looted every time do not forget me. In short, you will have understood it.
There is no error in the log
Just two warning
1 for the charger housing
1 for the SET_DOOROPENER button
Which does not strictly detriment in the functioning of this mod !!!
I am not going to list all the modifications bring on this version cars the list may be very long …
I wish you good fun at all



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