John Deere Skidder Pack v1.1


John Deere Skidder Mod-Pack by Timber131
The Modpack consists of 4 Skidder, 548GIII, 548H Green, Yellow 748H, 748H Green
In addition, a skin pack for Dediserver (textures less) original textures.
Unfortunately, this version not working winch, me it is not possible without a good scripter and scripts Doku a reasonable winch into play to implement. The solution to the float position may not represent the perfect solution but it is within my means a very good alternative.
Doors opening / closing, a grid / hide chains in / out
Version 748H can Zwillingsbereifung in / out
To control the floating position:
he forceps has 2 green markings which have the function of floating position optimally works, while there is then not a millimeter to be in agreement with this;) The two point markings, mark the points at which the tongs begins to rotate. The 180 degree range in between is the area in the pliers can move freely, rotate. Now if you want to move the pliers in one direction it is considered that both mouse buttons and move the mouse as long rotates in either direction until the pliers, then bringing the two green markers back into conformity. Both have markings serve for guidance only to recognize in good time when the pliers begins to rotate.

Model: Timber131
Textures: Timber131
Ingame: Timber131
Scripts: Sven777b
Lösungsvorschlag Schwimmstellung Zange Mistiger Schuh


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