version 2.0
* Installed Choppedstraw
* Built road
* Built pedestrian
* New potato texture
* New wheat texture
* New barley texture
* New corn texture
* Adjusted Terrain
* Straw Increased swaths
* Installed new balance
* Built new halls
* Kuhhof completely Call renewed
* New barn and other buildings
* Installed Many new scenery objects
* Adjusted PDA
* All known eliminated Logfehler
* Worked very deitailgetreu
* Plants are closer together

Dear LS-friends
Due to the numerous requests, if I would do the Jülicher Börde Map also LS 15 compatible, I have decided to pursue your desires.
The time has come: after a long and hard work, the map was not only LS 15 made komaptibel but also completely revised again. And I’m specifically addressed to the needs of users and have them tried best possible to realize.

Among the innovations:
Reale places Jülich Boere: Linnich-Gereonsweiler and aldenhoven-Schleiden
Genuine land dealers from the region: Strauss & Overlack (Moland agricultural trade), Pfeiffer and Langen (Zuckerfabrik Jülich), Böhmer (potato trade)
Real Landmaschienenhändler: Company Pechtheyden in Rath-Anhoven
There is a newly built courtyard. This was set up very detailed
It windmills were installed
The country store Strauss & Overlack was true to the original and is difficult to distinguish from the genuine
It fields have been newly created or changed
There is now also a new storage yard for potato and sugar beet
The dairy operation has also been completely revised
built New Water Plan
New textures have been added to make the LS play a pure pleasure
Many more new landscaping objects were added (halls, trees, bushes, stones, and more.)
It is no longer comparable with the 2013er Version, because it was almost everything changed

bestmods (I) Trekkerbodo (ZuckerRaffenerie) Kolbenfresser- TMT (Landhandel) Model: Steffen30muc texture: Steffen30muc game: Steffen30muc (Landmaschienen dealer) Swiftpaw: Halls

DOWNLOAD Juelicher_Boerde_v2.zip – 222.4 MB

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