Welcome to Dorfbach and Grünwald. You are managing one farm with cows, sheeps , chickens and pigs which you bought from a auction. To have a second start with the farm you need to grow your crops, and harvest them to get the money to buy new machinery. This is a new Map, incompatible with older version of the map. – Old Style – This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.

– Tip Collisions on alls barns and bunkers – 1 Farm (cow, sheep, pig and chickens) – Biogas Plant – LAGERHAUS (sell point) – The Artisan (sell point) – Sawmill (sell point) – Slaughter house (Buy and sell animals) – Shop – 1 ETA Farm Modular – 2 Towns – 15 Fields – 10 Grass fiels – Missions fields – Basketball court News v2 – All fields have been revisited – Silos bunkers have been adjusted – New Bunkers silos – New pigs zone – ETA is larger – New shortGrass and grassDeco deleteable – New deco distance – Selling manure and liquideManure – New Sheep zone – Many other improvements.

JOSHModels convert Salam

DOWNLOAD FS17_JZD_Veverky.zip – 228.6 MB

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