KALMAR DRF450-60S5 V1.2.0.1

Description:, added store categories by GC

I introduce my Kalmar Reachstacker DRF450-60S5 today. It is a container handling vehicle.

My thanks to all who have followed my thread on the development of mods and were always with words and deeds to the side.

Especially I would like to thank T3chn1k, who supported me with RL images and live sounds (mixed for the LS).

Technical specifications:
Power: 350hp
Curb weight: 67.4t
Geschwiniggkeit: 25km / h (empty) 7-8km / h (with max. Payload)
Lifting capacity: 45t in the first row (2.5m in front of the vehicle), 40t in the second row (6m in front of the vehicle)
The reachstacker can stack 6 empty containers and 5 fully loaded containers on top of each other.
20 ‘and 40’ ISO containers can be transported (see Mod Recommendations)

The model was built from scratch in Maya and largely implemented according to the new conditions in the FS19.
All functions are shown in the F1 menu.
The payloads were designed taking into account modellericher’s real weights mod. With standard FS19 you are definitely in the green area 🙂
The Reachstacker can be found in the shop in the Telelader category.

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DOWNLOAD FS19_Kalmar_DRF450_60S5.zip – 55.0 MB

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