KamAZ 45143 and Addons Pack v 1.1


Truck with trailer and addons, the direction of travel show dust and leave traces.

KAMAZ 45143 with a tank, has a working instrument panel and mirrors, animation and lighting equipment. If the purchase is given to choose the color. He has two realistic cameras, as well as a roof-mounted spoiler. During use dirty, but you will wash it.

Trailer NEFAZ under addons has animation and lighting equipment. He locked the pole for this come to him and press X. Hold During use dirty.

The module body NEFAZ, he set silage sides and top, there a volume of 18 tons, carrying cargo: food, ration, wheat, canola, corn, silage, barley, grass, potatoes, sugar, beet, sunflower, sand, gravel, manure concrete, wood chips, hay, straw, boards, fertilizers.

Grocery module carries 18 tons of cargo: packaged oil, whole wheat flour, wheat flour, corn flour, barley flour, meat cows, sheep, sausage, whiskey, obstwein, beer, Pilsner, canning, yogurt, marmalade, hops, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples , pears, Apfel, Birne, grapes, eggplant, Erdbeere, Cherry, Kirsche, plum, pflaume, mushrooms, sugar, Zucker, dairyProducts, oranges, bread, Backwaren.

The module for transportation of animals, transports 16 pigs or cows.

Fuel tank NEFAZ, carries 18 tons of fuel.

Milk tank NEFAZ, carries 18 tons of water and milk.

GBR module 10 runs seeds and fertilizers, has filled with shops (khalyavnykh).

A module for spreading liquid manure tanks with capacity of 18 tons (works with employees).

Tanker for the transport of live fish and water in her capacity of 18 tons capacity.

Trawl for carriage of large machinery.

Platform for transportation of bales, rolls and other goods, forced open the side.

Platform for lazy with Shrink function, auto-fit included the key J, ship square and round bales, as well as potatoes, boards, seedlings in trays.

Lexan, T 150, dimaks, KAMAZIST89, BrUISeR.DRONKLIM, ANDREI1994, Silak_68, werik, Northern_Strike, Du-mont, Garmash, – = F @ RMeR = -.
Maud made for fs 15: kto-totutzdes.

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