Power: 375 hp
Speed: 92 km / h.
The cost is 25000.
There is a rear tow hitch.
The passenger script (2 people)
It gets dirty / washed.
Working mirrors, installation, light.

Version 1.1.1:
-Fixed texture.

Version 1.2:
I replaced the wheels with my family.

-Added the choice of design (who needs other flags, write to the RT-mods group).
-Supplied the rudder turns from a third person.
– A little moved the camera from the first person.
-Added flashers (vs-taki the oil worker)))))
The log is clean.

FS Modding Team, [email protected], converted FS17 RT-mods,Звуки:Suleimann

DOWNLOAD RT_KamAZ_54115_GAZPROM.zip – 33.1 MB

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