☆ I present to you the best Realna Polska map for Farming Simulator 2019. The work on the map lasted a long time, but it was possible to finish it after 3 months!
☆ The most important is that the map was modeled on My Real Terrains from MAŁOPOLSKA!
☆ Map Has:
● Three playable farms
● Two cereals, buying grass, hay, straw and Sawmill
● Purchase of machines and Mechanics
● Refueling machines
● 22 fields from small to large
● 10 small and large meadows
● 2 woods
● Animals – Hens available for start and others in store
● Polish soil and grass textures
● Gates opened to the approach
● Traffic
● map weight (365mb)

★ Bans:
● Do not edit or upload to other websites!
● Link leads to the channel because only there wants me to be released!

★ The map will certainly be updated in the future into a larger area!


DOWNLOAD Kamykowo.zip – 365.2 MB

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