Welcome to Kandiyohi Minnesota.

Kandiyohi is located on US Hwy12 about 88 miles west of Minneapolis and
about 6 miles east of Willmar, where I grew up.
You start with an established arable crop farm and equipment needed to start
You own 2 fields, approx. 63 acres, all the fields are pretty big,
Courseplay does a good job helping out.. AI workers probably would not work
very well with the ditches and how close together the fields are.

This map does not have sugarcane installed.(It does show on stats)
and does not have forestry.(You can use placeables if wanted, there are trees
but no sell points for wood)

Each farm has a water supply but you can get free water from the ponds on the
There is also a lot of mowable grass on the map, not in designated fields.

Added crops are oat, rye and alfalfa.
Chopped Straw is also added.
Seasons is installed
Multi-Angle Terrain Detail

The silos are set as farmsilos and show on stats as total amounts.
Capacity has been increased to 750k for each crop.
Root crops are to be tipped on ground in shelters
Added straw to all silos, pigfood to hog farm silo, forage(TMR) and silage to
dairy farm silo

A fermenting silo and feed mixer(cows) are at the Dairy farm

Pig food mixer at Hog farm

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DOWNLOAD FS17_KandiyohiMN.zip – 819.2 MB

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