Reworked the already converted w900 it had errors and a bunch of other issues
Fixed camera’s
Fixed Lights
Fixed The Attacher Joint Rubber Band Effect and fixed it to where when hooked to A trailer the trailer moves with fifth wheel when adjusting
Fixed Truck not having window Glass and put sleeper windows back in it and tinted them
Added Working Steering wheel and Farmer that works
Lenthened the bumper guide markers so they can both be seen from Indoors
Changed colors I did not like orange and black with the black having a copper clear coat plus changed the stacks Shield back to chrome
Reworked the taillights and moved them to the fenders
Recolored frame cover to Chrome
Adjusted ride hieght to where it now matchs trailer hieght
And a few other things
Log Is now Clean Of Errors Or warnings

Ivan, dieseldog Triple H for the conversion….cow__boy
Coverted from FS15 to FS17 by Frank aka Shadowr434 poorly converted
Finished the 15 to 17 Conversion by Thunderhawk Modding on 3-13-2016 also made some changes


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