Keusch Lingen Map V 2.0

keuschlingen (1)

keuschlingen (2)

keuschlingen (3)

keuschlingen (4)


Version 2.0
Traffic entered Watermod lua adjusted (Pda now shows everything correctly) Village inserted ATM inserted pig incorporated butcher with trigger inserted Path to the large forest inserted ramp at the sawmill inserted Directory inserted changed reset points Textures adjusted trigger for seedlings inserted Goldbrunnen inserted error that appeared only on Dediserver have been removed (except for a sound error because the sound file for the Dedi is too large) more dunghill eingefüg garden center change the yard of the straw power plant processed some growth times changed several small fixes

-Watermod Marhu
GMK Marhu
signage Nick98.1
3DFeldwege-seba j
Hills- Mailman
-road atze1978
farmhouse BernieSCS


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2 Responses

  1. tamurri says:

    Ole muy buen mapa lo recomiendo muy completo felicidades.

  2. Jonas K says:

    Бог финт мапа арбејде

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