– Version enthält den SoilManagement Mod von fs-uk

Introduction I want to introduce you my new map ‘Klettenberg’ disposal. The Map is a free
fictional landscape. It’s all kept relatively closely to get the game upright.
In the north of the map are the biogas plant, the main courtyard with dairy and grain storage.
Central on the map are two courtyards with sub-plots for equipment and stock for maize and
Grass silage. To the east is the country trade in cereals, maize, oilseed rape, beet and potatoes.
To the west you will find the sawmill. In Klettenberg there is a small and large village.
The map has 60 fields spread over 165 hectares of arable land. The average area is 2.75ha.

Facts about map- new, free erfundende landscape in hilly Styles
– Detailed and tightly designed
– Purchasable objects (Alleehof, Schafshof, biogas plant, sawmill)
– Chopped straw remains lying on fields
– Manure or manure texture when fertilize with dung or manure
– Many goals to open (it was at warehouses, stables, etc …)
– Traffic and pedestrians
– A total of 60 fields
– Arable land of 165 hectares of arable land
– Purchasable fields
– Point of sale “freight depot” in the east of the Map (acceptance of all fruits)
– Large biogas plant
– The main courtyard with dairy cattle
– Manure storage capacity of 150,000 liters on purchasable Alleehof
– …

Required additional scripts (so that everything works in the Map which is installed)

A special thanks goes to …- Agro Business Team (Farmer 12, stuttgart27, LS 2020), the number of pictures and videos of the
Map did and stood for many MP-testing.
– NKB-Modding Team who have given me a lot of feedback and especially test results.
– Deutzfreakwsm who created me the PDA card for the map.
– The community, for many objective opinion and feedback on the map.

NKB-Modding / Deere6800 Ein besonderer Dank geht an … – Agrobusiness Team (Landwirt 12, stuttgart27, LS 2020), die zahlreiche Fotos und Videos von der Map gemacht haben sowie für viele MP-Tests zur Verfügung standen. – NKB-Modding Team, die mir viel Feedback und vorallem Testergebnisse geliefert haben. – deutzfreakwsm, der mir die PDA Karte für die Map erstellt hat. – die Community, für die viele sachliche Meinung und Feedback zur Karte. – Niggels939, für die Genehmigung der Straßentextur.

DOWNLOAD KlettenbergSoilManagement.zip – 281.0 MB

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