Knight Rider Car V 1.0

knight-rider-kitt (1)


He travels 114km / H doors are openable with R Ctrl Num7 / 9 / schliesen.Kitts’s light beam is also NUM8.



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7 Responses

  1. clasic80 says:

    These are not your original tires without your tires the mod will be lackluster

  2. clasic80 says:

    The mod looks good but again you fail tires and vehicle control

  3. clasic80 says:

    Is what the mod is booming but now it seems the car Flintstones.

  4. clasic80 says:

    Have if someone is able to create the mod truck goliat.

  5. clasic80 says:

    Cutest be the mod if you go with the truck carrying kit.

  6. clasic80 says:

    So far good work done.

  7. mike knight says:

    idk why but its not working for me i cant even open it 🙁

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